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November 29th, 2023

Currently working on the style and layout of these "blog-posts", so expect them to not only look better but be more understandable in general. I'll also be updating the index with more s t y l e. (pretend that looked cooler than it was.)

Also keep in mind that I have not worked in html for a year.

My plan is to generally keep the blogposts looking as they were originally written. I'm not only doing this for archival reasons, but because I think it would be interesting to watch my skillset in html/css/js grow.

This also means that any appendages will be clearly marked at the bottom of the page with a footnote or image. They are to be ignored or viewed seperately from the original post.

See below (graft).

See below (paragraph).

Here is also a simple format guide for those wishing to understand how posts are referenced, I will keep it updated throughout posts and footnotes will be added to any reference of them.


"See below (graft)." for an example of a 'graft-note'. I'll be mostly adding to sentences here to make them sound better or change the ending.

This is an example of a paragraph footnote. Ill be writing a lot here, such as adding important context or explaining an idea fully.